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About Mr Chau


Finding Flavour & Ethereal Inspiration in Everything

Asian Cuisine

The Story about Mr Chau

Mr Chau & his gargantuan gaggle of foodie friends just LOVE FOOD.
And after extensive travel & existential eating around Asia, we have brought

the mostest & the bestest & the deepest flavours back home to you.

Why is Mr Chau called Chunky Chau?   Because Mr Chau is not 'fat'.

‘Chunky’, on the other hand, can be  used to refer to someone who is short and muscular. Being short and broad shouldered, he looks heavy.  Unlike ‘fat’, ‘chunky’ does not have a negative connotation. In fact, according to some books on usage, native speakers sometimes use the word to indicate affection.

Chau likes Food

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